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    Massive growth potential in just a few years

    The global conversational/revenue intelligence market is expected to reach USD 13.9 billion by 2025. You can be a part of this once in a lifetime growth opportunity by mainstreaming the future with Rafiki.

    Low risk - High rewards partnership program

    All you have to do is spread the word with your customers about Rafiki! Every time your customers signs up, we’re happy to promptly give you a share of the rewards. You even get one time bonuses/gifts for reaching predefined milestones.

    Satisfaction of adding true, perceivable value to clients

    You can help your customers ramp their team, and achieve sustainable revenue growth. Your customer gets the latest AI technology and the best product. Get the satisfaction of adding productivity to your clients while saving them 1000s of dollars.




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    John E

    Sales Director
    Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

    "Great Coaching/Analytics Tool for a Small/Growing Team"

    Suraj S

    Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

    "Affordable and on-point conversation intelligence"