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Leadle Consulting shorten its sales cycle with Rafiki

Published on October 25, 2021

Leadle Consulting is a data-driven sales organization focused on achieving maximum selling potential. Their services include Sales Consulting, Sales Training, Market Research, and running


As sales consultancy service providers, Suraj, and his team understood how critical it is to fully be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the sales process and ensure that their customers are getting the best experience even after the point of sale. With their clientele fast-expanding, shadowing customer calls were becoming a productivity bottleneck for the sales and customer success teams of Leadle.

Suraj and the team wanted to quickly implement a solution that would empower reps to ramp up quickly, take notes effectively, and allow sales leaders to review and course-correct pitches where necessary. They also wanted the customer success teams to understand any customer onboarding issues and resolve them smoothly. In short, they were looking for a feature packed with conference call recording, high-quality transcription, good notes taking, economically viable AI-based customer success, and a conversation intelligence solution.

Why Leadle chose Rafiki?

The team at Leadle was already familiar with sales enablement tools, had tried low-end transcription tools, and knew what they wanted. They wanted a solution that is not only uncompromising on transcription quality but is also easy to implement, automate as a process, scale, and integrate with their CRM. A solution that offers a central dashboard of deal communication timeline, and conversation analytics and enables customer success teams to study customer-facing conversations and constantly improve the customer experience would be a cherry on their pie. While evaluating such solutions, Suraj and the team decided on Rafiki. When asked about why they chose Rafiki, Suraj summed it up in a line!

Rafiki offers affordable and on-point conversation intelligence.

Suraj Seetharaman, COO, Leadle Consulting

Rafiki makes a flying start

Suraj and the team had no problems in onboarding, implementing, and using Rafiki. Since Rafiki has no registration costs, offers free trials, and even lifetime free licenses for collaborators, Suraj and the team could fully try out the solution, evaluate it thoroughly, and purchase it without any doubts within a couple of weeks. Out of the box, one-click integration of Rafiki with Calendar, CRM, Email, and Web Conference made it easy for the Leadle team to adopt and start using Rafiki. Rafiki was an immediate hit! The team could see signs of progress from the get-go.

Rafiki offers quality transcription, and analytics at an affordable cost. Rafiki Customer Success Team has an impressive TAT while resolving customer issues.

Suraj Seetharaman, COO, Leadle Consulting

Rafiki hits the bulls-eye for Leadle

Since Rafiki’s selection, Suraj and the team have improved their sales and customer experience significantly. Rafiki put an end to all their initial skepticism and just delivered as promised.

Rafiki helped Leadle’s team by assisting with AI note-taking. Customer-facing executives no longer had to cut customers short for taking notes. Since Rafiki takes care of notes now, executives focus entirely on delivering a stellar customer experience.

Rafiki does what it is supposed to do. It has been easier to take notes with Rafiki.

Suraj Seetharaman, COO, Leadle Consulting

Moreover, Rafiki also helped Suraj and the team improve their sales pitches and close more deals. Rafiki’s analytics helps them aggregate employee conversation patterns and coach them where necessary. When asked about how Rafiki helps them:

We are able to identify the problem areas in our pitches and take corrective action based on Rafiki’s analytics.

Since Rafiki’s addition to its customer success arsenal, Leadle has shortened its sales cycle and has, in turn, improved its win rates and eventually revenues.

We’ve seen a reduction in our sales cycle since implementing Rafiki.

With Rafiki, Leadle now has high-quality transcription for their customer-facing calls and does not have to worry about scaling. The flexible license policies, robust enterprise-grade features, and easy roll-out of Rafiki helped Leadle go through a hassle-free transformation of their sales process.

Why Rafiki was the best choice for Leadle

High-Quality Transcripts

Rafiki is one of just four other vendors, that offer native Zoom integration, and the only vendor to offer high-fidelity transcripts at less than $40 per user.

Flexible Licenses

Rafiki has no initial registration costs, no license minimums, and allows different licenses within the same account. The solution also offers a 14-day free trial, and 3 free transcripts a month even for collaborators.

Plug-n-Play Integrations

Rafiki supports one-click integration with your favorite business applications such as Calendar, Email, Web conference, CRM, dialers, and more. No Zap required.

Improvements after Rafiki

  • Leadle has high-fidelity transcription and analytics for their customer-facing teams to review and ramp up quickly.
  • Customer-facing executives focus only on customer experience as Rafiki offers automatic AI-generated notes by topic that directly sync to their CRM.
  • CS leaders can precisely identify problem areas in their pitches, correct them and close more deals faster with comprehensive analytics.

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