Quickly Turn Customer Meetings into Actionable Insights Hub with GPT

Rafiki’s Next Gen AI helps you capture key moments, recaps of sales calls, follow-up actions, key takeaways - instantly - with 10x more insights and from customer meetings in just minutes.

Understand  customer needs effortlessly, and build a knowledge hub to make better-informed decisions across the organization

Rafiki analytics

 Uncover every pattern from meetings in minutes, not hours

Synthesize answers

Quickly find your customers' answers to your key questions from every past conversation using natural language.


Detect trends and patterns

Our AI assistant automatically suggests grouping topics and common themes from those answers. No more wasting time on tagging and collecting quotes.

Let Rafiki AI do the heavy lifting

Leverage Rafiki's Gen-AI Features

Ask detailed questions about specific topics in meetings, ongoing deals, risk assessments, sales targets, and projections.
Assemble responses from call data, allowing you to effortlessly pinpoint patterns and emerging trends
Proactive follow-up assistance: emails, meetings, CRM updates, and forecast adjustments
Rafiki analytics
Rafiki integrates with the tools that you work with

Seamless CRM, Calendar & Conference Integrations

Integrates with CRM, Calendar, Web / Video Conference and dialers. Zero learning curve for Reps and Managers alike.

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