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Enhance Revenue Forecasts with AI-Driven Decision Insights

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Forecast Revenue with Superior Precision

Eliminate uncertainty and unreliable pipeline predictions from your forecasting process. Cross-reference your estimations with Rafiki's objective, AI-driven forecast projections. Utilizing 100s of unique indicators, Rafiki predicts deal outcomes with 25% greater accuracy than traditional methods relying solely on CRM data.

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Transform Insights into Winning Strategies

Enhance your team's focus and efficiency with AI-driven tools that identify and target high-value deals. Rafiki's platform empowers sales teams to efficiently manage deal risks, advance pipeline stages, and customize client interactions, all within a unified system, thereby optimizing sales performance and managerial effectiveness.

KEY Features

How Rafiki Helps you Forecast Predictably


Conversation Intelligence

Base your vital revenue decisions on the insights gleaned from the industry's broadest array of customer interactions.


Pipeline Inspection

Efficiently evaluate deals and the pipeline by gaining in-depth visibility into your pipeline and easy access to insights from customer interactions.


CRM Sync

Automatically log and transfer customer interaction and deal information to your CRM, ensuring it remains up-to-date and accurate without requiring manual input from sales reps.


Predictive Forecasting

Accurately predict revenue outcomes with assurance by analyzing historical performance, current quarter pipeline progress, and detailed deal forecasts.


Analytics Dashboards

Utilize ready-to-use analytics for tracking performance against your business plan. Monitor various metrics including sales rep achievement, fluctuations in the pipeline, pace of pipeline progression, coverage, and overall attainment.


Easy Setup

Set up quickly within weeks, not months. Customize settings effortlessly to match your unique sales approach without requiring external professional services.

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Boost Revenue Forecast Accuracy Using AI-Driven Insights

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Enhance Performance and Ensure Responsibility

Proactively manage potential pipeline issues and improve revenue outcomes with ready-to-use sales analytics. These tools consolidate insights about deals, pipelines, and team performance into one comprehensive view. Foster a culture of accountability and excellence within your teams, while leveraging in-depth analysis to pinpoint and address areas for improvement in both team and pipeline performance trends.

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Link Insights to Actions for Major Deal Wins

Elevate your team's ability to target and secure critical deals with AI-driven prioritization. Rafiki enhances sales management and rep performance, offering an integrated platform for addressing deal risks, advancing the pipeline, and tailoring client interactions. Streamline your sales process with efficient workflows all in one place.

Transforming Sales Focus with Precision Forecasting

Move past mere speculation with Rafiki.

The tool goes beyond simple data collection from calls and emails—it's your key to precisely pinpointing viable opportunities.

This is invaluable for forecasting, guiding reps to focus their efforts on the most promising prospects.

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