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Ask Rafiki Anything

Ask questions about a specific deal or account, and get AI-generated answers based on recent conversations.

Rafiki scans your recent calls, follow up emails, CRM data to give the more accurate answers based on the current deal status.

Make informed decisions / Get status updates instantly  🚀

Ask Rafiki Anything
How Rafiki Helps

Supercharge productivity and efficiency

Ask anything enables you to get answers about specific issues in a call, without listening to a single moment of it.

In addition to saving you time, this can help you get key information that you might otherwise miss. Use Ask Rafiki anything to find out whether specific issues were covered, summarize pain points or benefits, get current status of deals and more.

Automation with Rafiki

Instant Meeting Insights

No more sifting through notes or recordings.

Get immediate, AI-powered summaries and key takeaways from your sales meetings

Identify Trends and Patterns

Deal Analysis on Demand

Stay ahead with quick access to critical deal information.

Understand where each deal stands and what steps to take next, all in real-time with full sync to CRM data.

Seamless Data Sharing

Empower  Sales Decisions

With Ask Rafiki Anything's  instant responses, make informed decisions faster, keeping you agile and proactive in your sales strategy.

Stay ahead in the fast-paced sales world with ChatGPT for Sales - your partner in driving success through every meeting and deal.

Rafiki Topic Stats

 Find Answers with speed, accuracy, and relevance

Capture all interactions with Rafiki

Synthesize answers

Quickly find your customers' answers to your key questions from every past conversation using natural language.

Coach when needed with Rafiki

Detect trends and patterns

Our AI assistant automatically suggests grouping topics and common themes from those answers. No more wasting time on tagging and collecting quotes.

Let Rafiki AI do the heavy lifting.

Find everything Faster with Rafiki

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An intuitive AI-powered engine that swiftly navigates your call, CRM Data, followup emails to deliver trusted and precise information when you need it.
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Rafiki connects your call, data, and conversations into one powerful search engine.
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Get Natural Language definitive answers for your queries instead of more docs and search results
onboard your new Hire Faster
Rafiki integrates with the tools that you work with

Seamless CRM, Calendar & Conference Integrations

Integrates with CRM, Calendar, Web / Video Conference and dialers. Zero learning curve for Reps and Managers alike.

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