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Azuga Leverages Rafiki to Increase Sales Performance
Azuga, a leading provider of connected vehicle and fleet technologies, has successfully implemented Rafiki, an AI-powered conversation analytics tool, to drive sales performance improvements and enhance collaboration with their sister company, WebFle...
Leadle Consulting shorten its sales cycle with Rafiki
Leadle Consulting is a data-driven sales organization focused on achieving maximum selling potential. Their services include Sales Consulting, Sales Training, Market Research, and running Challenges As sales consultancy service providers, Suraj, and ...
ReferralMD cuts rep ramp time by over 30%
ReferralMD delivers proven referral management, provider search, and e-consult solutions that help hospitals, health systems, payers, and pharma match patients with the providers best suited to care for them. Challenges ReferralMD has a technically s...

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