Double the power of your CRM with the Integration

Marriage made in heaven - Rafiki + CRM

Boost your deal insights with the combined strength of and Rafiki integrations. All essential deal data, such as accounts, meetings, leads, and contacts, unified and displayed on a single screen for your convenience!

We are just better together! 

Rafiki CRM integration
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How Rafiki Helps With

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Customer Focus

Stay engaged on customer conversations while Rafiki's GPT Integration auto-generates summary and key moments after every call.

Better listening, better questions and better conversations. Focus on clients and not admin work!!

Let AI do the mundane tasks so you can do the selling.

Rafiki, Sales Intelligence Redefined
AI generated followup

Automation with GPT

Call Summary

Rafiki automatically generates a call summary that includes key points discussed, competitor mentions, questions asked by prospects, next steps and more

Follow up Prompts

Use Rafiki's default prompts or create your own GPT prompt library. No more wasting time on tagging transcripts, collecting questions, and organizing them.

Sit back and let AI effortlessly compile your responses and identify patterns within the data.

Rafiki GPT Prompt

Smart Pipeline Boost

Be alerted for a customizable list of deal risks such as lack of activity, prospect disengagement, competitor mentions to help you take corrective action and never miss a winnable deal.

Deal Intelligence with Rafiki

Robust features to Boost your productivity

Rafiki integrates with the tools that you work with

Record all your Customer interactions

smart thunder

Works with Current Dialers

Rafiki downloads calls from your Dailer to provide summary, analytics and more

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Calendar Integrations

Sync your Google/Outlook calendar for the Rafiki Notetaker to seamlessly record.

Easy Setup. White-Glove Support

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One-click integration with apps in your current stack
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Customized Scorecard Templates
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Personalized tracker setup
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Customized GPT follow-up prompt creation
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Committed Rafiki team guiding you through each step

Experience our renowned White Glove service, providing exceptional support to maximize your conversation intelligence benefits at no extra cost.

Rafiki White Glove Service
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