Retain and Grow your Customer base

Provide the best possible customer relationship using Conversational Intelligence.

Retain and grow your customer base
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Learn and understand  customer behavior

Provide uniform high quality service

Create a fun growth experience by curating playlists and snippets and sharing feedback and score cards..

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Onboard new reps faster

Quickly onboard your new reps

Use customer comments in snippets and playlists to bring new reps up to speed, and identify important topics that help customers find value.

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Pinpoint early churn signals and growth opportunities

Our AI sends early signals to follow up with customers and reduce churn. Alerts show ways to grow existing accounts.

provide excellent customer experience
easy hand off from pre-sales to sales t- customer success

Connect Pre-sales, Sales and Customer Success teams seamlessly

Provide clear hand-off and alignment across your entire sales organization so that your customers have a fantastic support experience.

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Complete visibility in the organization

Let your Customer be heard by your organization

Bring total visibility and a customer-centric focus throughout your organization, whether it be feature request, accolades, or a pain point.

Hear the voice of the customer

Align your success team with the customer

Provide seamless coordination and create a shared understanding between customers and your organization.

Rafiki knows Customer Success

Rafiki is just not for Customer Success Teams

From the first day to every day, teams use Rafiki to get Deal Insights, Follow Up with prospects and close deals faster

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