Reduce your hiring costs

Seamlessly record and transcribe interviews.

Score for compliance and standardize rating the interview calls, improve interviewer training and hire the perfect candidates faster with fewer interviews.

Analyze your conversations to build better interview and candidate experiences.

Make every interview count with Rafiki 🚀

Interview Intelligence with Rafiki
Interview Intelligence

Focus on the candidate, not note taking

Rafiki transcripts

Record and Transcribe

Automatically record and transcribe at human-grade accuracy all your candidate interactions.


Autogenerate Call Summaries

Rafiki's next Gen-AI automatically generates call summaries so you can focus on what your do best and not note taking.

Let Rafiki's Gen-AI do the heavy lifting.

Compliance and Accountability

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Guarantee compliance in all candidate interactions with your organization's hiring policies.
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Mitigate compliance risks using real-time alerts and conversation tracking.
Staffing compliance with Rafiki
Smart Call Coaching

Train your Interviewers faster

Rafiki makes it easy to train your new interviewers. Learn from the best real candidate interviews your team has already done.

Understand and analyze how your team conducts interviews. Create a playlist of the most insightful questions and interview tactics and to provide consistent and impartial interview process.

Help interviewers screen better, ask the right questions and recruit the best candidates.

Rafiki helps Interviewers

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Provide effective debriefs
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Shorten interview cycles
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Automate coaching at scale with actual data from interviews
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Analyze key patterns and gain insights into interviewer behavior
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Lets recruiters focus on what they really love — the human side of hiring.
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Rafiki integrates with the tools that you work with

Seamless Dialer, CRM & Conference Integrations and More

Rafiki integrates with your Dialers and Conference tools and beyond. See what's new on the integration front.

Coming soon: Integrations with GreenHouse, Bullhorn, SmartRecruiters, Lever and GoodTime.

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