call Audits made Efficient

Reviewing hundreds of calls to know whom, when and what to coach can be painful and costly.

Rafiki’s next Gen AI-based tool automatically audits 100% of your Rep's calls to prompt when you need to help your rep.

Effortlessly guide your reps to meet their pipeline goals.

Coaching re-imagined with Rafiki's Smart Call Scoring

 Uncover which Reps need help in minutes, not hours

Customize your training plan at scale

Our AI engine automatically surfaces which reps need help and provides customized feedback for every call on what needs to be improved.

Increase your pipeline with focussed training

By assessing soft skills, topics discussed, and adherence to sales processes, Rafiki's Smart Scoring provides data-driven recommendations to bring out the Superstar in each Rep.

Let Rafiki's Gen-AI do the heavy lifting.

Leverage Gen-AI to coach 3x Faster

Saves hundreds of hours in QA
Score every call automatically
Provide assessment and insights at scale, no waiting weeks for feedback
Accelerate growth and cut training costs with a swift feedback loop

Seamless Dialer, CRM & Conference Integrations

Rafiki integrates with your Dialers and Conference tools. Zero learning curve for Reps and Managers alike.

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