The Best Cold Calling Script Ever

The Best Cold Calling Script Ever

Published on June 5, 2021
Venkat Sridhar
Content Writer,

Does your sales team make 1000 calls every day but are still unable to win any deals?

It is obviously very disappointing and can bring the morale down for any team. This is true especially when you know that you have put your everything to grab the attention of your prospect and they not only show a lack of interest but cut the call without even listening to you.

There is a way to solve this problem - planning and choosing your cold calling scripts perfectly. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of cold calling scripts out there available on the web. You will be often overwhelmed to choose the best script that suits your business. In all probability, you will find the same cold calling script all over the web which you don’t want to use.

To help you with this, we have come up with a sample cold calling script that your sales team can use today. No matter what type of business you run, this cold calling script works like a charm and helps you crack any deal.

 But, before we look into it, let us revisit the basics and start with a key question - 

What Does Cold Calling Mean?

Cold calling is a kind of telemarketing technique in which a sales rep tries to solicit business from potential clients through telephonic calls. The sales rep would have either never spoken to these prospects before or the prospects would have never shown any prior interest in your product.

It's often the first and arguably the most important step towards creating sales opportunities. Usually, it focuses on:

  • Making the first contact with a targeted recipient or company 
  • Briefly introduce your products & services
  • Determine if the prospects are showing enough interest to move forward or not. 

Why Are Cold Calling Scripts Worth Creating?

You need to first understand that cold calling scripts are not ‘the law’ that salespeople need to follow religiously. They are simply a set of guidelines that helps you engage prospects in a defined order to make them move from the very first “Hello” to finalizing the purchase. Using cold calling scripts, you can 

  • Streamline the entire sale process 
  • Close more deals
  • Generate more revenue. 

Now that you know the benefits, let’s dive right into how a cold calling script looks like.

A Perfect Cold Calling Script 

Here is a cold calling sales script that you can use -

“Hello, am I talking to ________ (mention the prospect name)?”


“This is ___________ (Your name) from _____________(The name of your company). Is it a good time to talk?” 

“Go ahead”

“Fantastic! So,  ________(Prospect name), I know you are a busy person and want to respect your time, so I’ll be quick. “

“I see that your company deals in _______(specify the product/service they offer, here). 

Some of our customers in a similar field felt that _______(state the pain points that the prospects and/or target customers face) curb their efforts to _______(state the different goals that your prospects seek to achieve). Does this sound like your company?”

Now, this is the point where you let your consumer do the talking. With this, you will learn what problems or challenges they may be encountering. Let your prospects know how your product will help them solve their obstacles. 

“If it's possible, can we schedule a call next week to discuss further? I'd love to learn more about your business and help you with an optimum solution consequently. So, Mr./Mrs.________(your prospect name), do you have your calendar handy? Can you please let me know what day would be good for you to discuss this further?”

“Do mornings or afternoons work fine for you?”

(Wait for the prospect reply)

“Fabulous. I’m looking forward to meeting with you on ____at ____.”

(Confirm all decision-makers.)

“Thanks. Have a glorious day!”

That’s it!

Using such cold calling scripts, you can crack any deal. All you need to do is modify this script according to your business needs & offerings. 

Dynamic Cold Calling Scripts For More Engagement 

The use of static cold calling scripts to crack deals has become an old-school method. These days, every business demands a cold calling script generating system with script conditioning features. 

The script should be dynamic enough to automatically adjust according to the diverse responses of the prospects. This is where conditional logic features come into play. 

It is a rule applied to a question or prospect’s response that lets you customize the behaviour of the conversation with them.

Rafiki is an inexpensive and easy alternative to manually building your script. It allows all sorts of conditional branching, as well as data export. It also houses several other unique features that help you in boosting the conversion rate.

Bonus Scripts

Script 1 

“Hi [prospect’s name], this is [your name] from [your company name]. Is this a good time to talk?”


 “Did you get a chance to take a peek at an email I sent over a few days ago?”

“Yes I did”

“Awesome. Thank you for your time. I’ve been doing some research on [prospect’s company] and I see that your company deals with (specify the product/service they offer, here).” 

“We deal with several companies just like yours and have helped them with [talk about your company’s value propositions]”

“I just wanted to ask you a few questions about [common challenges faced by ICP]”

 Example Questions:

  • Are you experiencing any specific challenges with (pain points that the prospects and/or target customers face). If so can you please elaborate a little more on them?
  • Are you the best point of contact to discuss this with, or do you think other team members would need to be involved?
  • What would your ideal solution look like to solve these pain points?

Once you get a response to the above questions, note them down.

“Great! Thank you once again for your time. [This is where you’re going to ask them to attend an online demonstration or schedule a call at a convenient time slot]”

(Confirm all attendees for the meeting as well as time slot)

“Thank you. Looking forward to working with you.”

Script 2

“Hi [prospect’s name], this is [your name] from [your company name].”

 “We recently [connected on Social Media- LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook] and I enjoyed reading your post about [Mention what the post was about and find one or two key things regarding their industry or companies’ pain point].” 

“ Well thank you”

“This is exactly why I wanted to reach out to learn more about [prospect’s company or pain point].”

“We deal with several companies just like yours and have helped them with ( talk about your companies Value Propositions)” 

Take note of your customer’s challenges and feedback. Educate your prospects on how your product will help them solve their pain point.

“Thank you for the detailed information. Can we schedule a call in a few days to discuss further? I'd love to show you how our product can help you solve your challenges”

 (Confirm all attendees for the meeting as well as time slot) 

“Thank you. Looking forward to working with you.”

Create Dynamic Cold Call Sales Script With Rafiki 

With Rafiki, you can monitor your calls continuously to see the winning and losing call patterns across organizations. It makes it extremely easy and affordable to monitor your calls constantly to see winning and losing patterns to help you deliver consistent high performance. Further, it also helps deliver high performance by enabling you to capture notes and provides personalized suggestions to improve your pitch, narratives, and more during the call. 

Plus, it can be integrated with a wide set of third-party applications such as CRM, conference call tools, calendar, and messaging platforms. Besides this, Rafiki also helps you with opportunity intelligence, customer intelligence, and organizational intelligence to accelerate your sales growth. 

Rafiki is an ultimate cold call sales script tool that renders all necessary features in one place and that too at very affordable rates. 

Rafiki helps you conduct in-depth research on the prospect to understand their pain points and issues. On the basis of this, it offers one of the best cold call scripts to get appointments from the prospect and to convert them into active users of your service. Eventually, this tool helps you generate more revenue for your business.

To know more about Rafiki and how it can help, contact us today.

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