July 11, 2024
Tips To Nail Your Customer Success Strategy

In the realm of SaaS and subscription-based businesses, the linchpin of enduring revenue growth is customer retention. Merely acquiring new customers while existing ones slip away is akin to tirelessly filling a leaky bucket—it’s inefficient and unsustainable. The analogy of acquiring new customers while losing existing ones being like “filling a leaky bucket” is a […]

June 26, 2024
Revenue Operations (RevOps): What Is It & Do You Need It?

Ever feel like your sales, marketing, and customer success teams are operating in silos, or worse, at each other’s throats in meetings? This disconnect can lead to missed opportunities, frustrated customers, and ultimately, stunted revenue growth. RevOps (revenue operations) tackles this head-on by aligning these critical functions. It fosters collaboration, streamlines processes, and equips teams […]

June 13, 2024
Driving Customer Success with Technology: Tools That Make a Difference

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, customer success has emerged as a critical factor for long-term growth and sustainability. As organizations increasingly recognize the value of nurturing and retaining their existing customer base, the role of customer success teams has become more prominent than ever. These teams are tasked with ensuring that customers achieve their […]

May 1, 2024
What is Revenue Intelligence? Types, Benefits and Pitfalls

Feeling like you’re flying blind in acquisition & retention? These days, intuition just doesn’t cut it anymore. Revenue intelligence is the game-changer you need. It’s a data-driven approach that uses technology to analyze prospect and customer conversations, interactions, and other valuable information. This empowers revenue teams to identify patterns, improve win rates, and ultimately boost […]

April 8, 2024
The Essential Guide to Net Dollar Retention [2024]

Hey there, customer success rockstars! Feeling the pressure to churn out happy, high-value customers? Look no further than net dollar retention (NDR), your secret weapon for predictable revenue growth. Unlike fleeting metrics like monthly sales figures, NDR takes a long-term view, revealing how effectively you’re keeping customers engaged and expanding their wallet share within your […]

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