July 7, 2022
Discovery Call in Sales: Definition, Stages & Questions

How do you structure a discovery call? The discovery call is a sales rep's playfield. The success of a discovery call purely lies in the hands of a sales rep. The better the questions they ask, the better their discovery about prospects' requirements. Discovery calls can quickly escalate into a question-answer session. Good reps know how to […]

June 7, 2021
Outbound Calls: All Your Questions Answered

Have you ever thought about how many outbound calls per day are made by a sale rep? On average, a sales rep makes around 52 calls per day. Of which nearly 15% of the time is spent over leaving voicemails! However, at the end of a month, it doesn’t matter how many outbound calls per […]

June 5, 2021
The Best Cold Calling Script Ever

Does your sales team make 1000 calls every day but are still unable to win any deals? It is obviously very disappointing and can bring the morale down for any team. This is true especially when you know that you have put your everything to grab the attention of your prospect and they not only […]

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