Rapid, Efficient Smart FollowUp

Follow up on customer meetings within minutes after the call with Rafiki's Generative AI, while you focus 100% on the customer during the call.

Rafiki next generation GPT based AI provides On-Point Follow-Up with takeaways, insights, next steps, and key moments - all with precise timestamps for re-engagement right after the call.

Focus on the customer. Do what you do best - selling!

Let Rafiki help you with that.

Current Follow-Up Challenges

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Distracting: Taking notes during calls distracts from focusing on customer
Delays: Sending followup after call without notes or key points is difficult with back-to-back meetings
Laborious: Reviewing hours of calls all over by end of day causes fatigue and results in skipping key moments
Misses Key Moments: Synthesizing all the notes from transcripts still misses compiling effective followup with key moments
Recap:  Ineffective customer interaction and response  
Data Security

Rafiki Solution 

Customer Focus: Focus on customer during calls capturing key visual clues from the attendees
Summary : Autogenerate summary with key points, next steps, and more with  the latest GPT AI based conversation intelligence and sync with CRM
Follow up : Autogenerate draft response with time stamped key moments for each call in a matter of seconds to review
Easy Review: Quickly review key moments, summary notes, and send  finalized follow up to prospects minutes after call
Recap:  Strengthened credibility and trust through timely and effective communication

How Rafiki Helps

Customer Focus

Stay engaged on customer conversations while Rafiki's GPT Integration auto-generates summary and key moments after every call.

Better listening, better questions and better conversations. Focus on clients and not admin work!!

Let AI do the mundane tasks so you can do the selling.

Automation with GPT-4

Call Summary

Rafiki automatically generates a call summary that includes key points discussed, competitor mentions, questions asked by prospects, next steps and more

Follow up Prompts

Use Rafiki's default prompts or create your own GPT-4 prompt library. No more wasting time on tagging transcripts, collecting questions, and organizing them.

Sit back and let AI effortlessly compile your responses and identify patterns within the data.

Easy Review

With your Rafiki automatically providing the call summary and follow up email with timestamped key moments, you can send the follow up email in a matter of minutes and not hours after the call

 On-Point Follow-Up with AI-Assisted Precision

Key Moments with Exact Timestamps

Quickly find your customers' answers to your key questions from every past conversation using natural language.

Customizable Follow Up Prompts

Personalize your follow-up prompt templates for a unique and reusable style.

Let Rafiki AI do the heavy lifting.

FollowUp Efficiently With Rafiki

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