Record, Transcribe your Web Conference meetings on the browser

Send Follow Up message with Key Moments and engage in Live Chat with Prospects

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Rafiki's Chrome Extension

Record your web conference meetings directly from your chrome browser.

Record with Rafiki Chrome Extension
Easy to use chrome extension to record your web conference calls

Simple & Easy-to-use

Have complete control what gets recorded and transcribed in just a few steps

  • Install Chrome Extension
  • Chose Audio/Video option
  • Click Record
  • Stop/Pause and upload recording
  • Send Follow Up email with Key Moments from Meeting
  • Engage in Live Chat with Prospects

Web Conferencing Tools

Rafiki can record any tab on the Chrome browser and we officially support these web conferencing applications.

Google Meet

Web Conference

Zoho Meeting

Web Conferencing


Web Conferencing

GoTo Meeting

Web Conferencing

Microsoft Teams

Web Conferencing


Web Conferencing

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