BeST Call Summarizer SOFTWARE

Automatically Generate Human Grade Call Summaries

Enhance meeting efficiency and streamline collaboration with Rafiki's  Generative AI-powered tools for human grade meeting notes, metrics, coaching, and topic discovery.

Get insanely accurate, human-grade meeting summary in minutes.

Supercharge your meeting productivity 🚀

Get insanely accurate call summaries with Rafiki
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Record, Transcribe and summarize with Rafiki

Insanely Accurate Transcription at affordable prices

Rafiki AI not only provides human-grade transcription and translation in 50+ languages including Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese and more but also finds key topics, competitor names or relevant facts for easy KPI generation.

The AI SUMMARIZER That updates Sales Methodology Fieds in CRM

Imagine having your own tireless digital assistant, handling tasks like CRM updates that you'd rather avoid.

Insanely Accurate Transcription at affordable prices
Zip through your calls easily

Instantaneous zip through and receive insights on your calls

Rafiki provides immediate analysis and allows you to find our next steps, competitor mentions, feature requests, objections, engaging questions and more.


Share key moments across org

Instantly collaborate with internal and external stakeholders securely and safely. Share key takeaways with @mentions.

Rafiki your source for customer truth
Rafiki integrates with the tools that you work with

Integration as easy as 1-2-3

Rafiki integrates with your CRM, Calendar and Conference tools. It knows when to listen, record and automatically extract notes and sends it to the right deal and account in your CRM

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Rafiki Smart Scorecard

Raise your game and be the best

Quickly check how your conversations are compared to your peers and even the best one you admire.

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