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ReferralMD cuts rep ramp time by over 30%

Published on October 25, 2021

ReferralMD delivers proven referral management, provider search, and e-consult solutions that help hospitals, health systems, payers, and pharma match patients with the providers best suited to care for them.


ReferralMD has a technically strong product that caused high ramp time resulting in significant expectation gaps between the new Account Executives and their sales leadership. In addition,
the sales leadership team led by John also wanted visibility into how the new reps of their company were conducting their demos if there were any scope for improvement, and whether they are following their demo script.

We wanted to build a catalog of our calls for helping us hire, train, and ramp reps. We saw such a tool as a critical component to executing our sales model.

John Ellis, Director of Sales, ReferralMD

Why John and Team chose Rafiki?

Being a sales veteran, John was already familiar with conversation and revenue intelligence solutions and had already used tools such as Gong and Chorus.

I have used other coaching/analytics programs in the past, and I've always felt like I was not their core
audience. Since I've mostly worked with small companies looking to scale a team, their seat minimums and price point were always a barrier.


Rafiki was the first program that seemed to want to work with a smaller company looking to scale

Rafiki nails it for ReferralMD

John and his team were able to experience the impact created by Rafiki instantly. Rafiki helped the sales team at ReferralMD significantly shorten the learning curve for their reps.

Being able to watch and audit them [new reps] and listen to what they're doing really helps shorten that learning curve.


Proving to be the Right Choice

John has already seen significant improvement in the ramp time of reps and is confident that Rafiki will continue to create a much larger economic impact when ReferralMD scales.

The learning curve typically tends to be 9-12 months. So if I can get it down to 6 to 9 months, the
economic impact on the team is pretty large.

John Ellis, Director Of Sales

When asked if he was happy with the decision to choose Rafiki over other products, John had no hesitation in confirming he was delighted!

I've found that Rafiki is on par or even slightly better than other programs charging more than double the amount.

John Ellis, Director Of Sales

What Rafiki changed for ReferralMD

Coaching reps with complex topics

Onboarding time has reduced so far by 30% and is still improving.

The healthcare industry has a lot of details and many edge cases that are very challenging to learn. Having a playlist with possible objections or even common questions that come up is very helpful.

Getting first-hand information about rep’s calls

Reps are coached and calibrated with their own calls as a reference point, helping them improve their conversation quality drastically.

I can go into Rafiki, listen to the rep’s calls, compare notes of the call, and calibrate my expectations of deal pipelines. The calibration effect Rafiki helps us have on reps cannot be understated!

Tracking reps' improvement post coaching

Sales Leaders can track if their recommended strategies are being adopted on calls, and fine-tune the strategies to suit every rep's style.

Every outbound call is recorded. Every demo is recorded. So we can actually look at the coach’s tape and build that up and then actually watch someone improve. And to do that, I put it [Rafiki] as a critical component.

Rafiki is a Must-Have for Sales Teams

When considering the tools John and his team need to be successful in their sales endeavors, John considers Rafiki an absolute essential!

I need a CRM, an email tracker, a list of people to call, and now I need a coaching tracker like Rafiki! I put that as a non-negotiable condition on the table because there is so much open for interpretation!


John thinks that without the coach's tape to train reps, sales leaders cannot add much value through their training. Unless there is contextual coaching, mock calls, and calibration of expectations post real customer-facing calls, he feels that point of reference might be completely off and teams wouldn't even know it!

At this point, we’re past trying to coach people without actual call recordings! I call it coach’s tape. If you don’t have the coach’s tape, what will you coach on?


John feels strongly feels that Rafiki must be a part of every sales leader's tool kit without which they would be losing out a lot of time, productivity, and revenue!

If any sales leader is not using a tool like yours they are really missing out.


Why Rafiki is the best choice?


Rafiki is a product that can scale from small to large. I can use it on the front-lines to coach reps, and also use analytics to aggregate patterns when the team grows

White-Glove Support

I would say it's been a pleasure working with you guys. How responsive you are and being able to ship things out quickly - Really impressive.

Fair Pricing

Combined with CRM, email and license costs, other solutions cost over 20% of reps' salary which is just not economically viable when the team grows.

Overall, John is so impressed with Rafiki that he has already recommended Rafiki to many of his colleagues and has explained the value Rafiki brings to the sales vertical of ReferralMD!

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