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How To Master Sales: 10 Sales Techniques That Boost Profits

Published on April 15, 2021
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Sales representatives often face multiple failures in their careers. The primary reason for this is poorly implemented sales techniques and an inability to capture customer interest. However, in the present day, this is no longer a problem. 

There are hundreds of documented strategies and techniques that are tried and tested by several organizations. The reps can simply pick one of these strategies and adopt it to produce the best result for them. 

Here are 10 such sales techniques and strategies that can enhance your sales pitch - 

  • Know your customer

Before jumping into a sales call, always do your research. Knowing the customer and familiarizing yourself with the ins and outs of their business is the first step in most sales prospecting techniques. It is also common to see sales reps talking to all their customers in the same way, particularly if they are similar in what they offer. 

This is undoubtedly a grave mistake. While it may cut down the time spent on researching before every call, it is sure to reflect in your attempt to create a personal rapport with the customer.

When you know your customer well, conversation flows easily. Highlighting the pros of their business while adding how your product or service can enhance their productivity can be an excellent approach to draw the customer. It also builds mutual respect between you and the customer, which is crucial for a successful sale.

  • Customers are the heroes

Capturing the interest of a customer, particularly when they fail to see why they might need a particular product or service is difficult. As a sales executive, it is your responsibility to paint a picture that they can understand.

Customers are Heroes

“Everyone likes to be a hero, and in a sales call, it is always the customer. “

This sales technique requires you to have all the data ready for the customer to believe that they will benefit from what you’re selling. On top of it, drill down to the different pain points they are experiencing that they would have overlooked or failed to communicate. Elaborate on how your service is perfect to solve these pain points. 

This helps the customer to be fully aware that they can now fix an existing issue, thereby making them the hero of the story. And as a sales rep, you have now made your product or service a must-have for the customer to become a hero. A win-win scenario for all.

  • Study the sales system 

A sales system ideally helps reps to get organized and know how to respond to various aspects of a sales call. In short, it provides direction to the conversation and gives a structure to the call, which is essential for smooth conversions. It also saves time and can be easily applied. Before any sales call, good closers always study the sales system thoroughly. 

A tool that can help you study it is Rafiki. Rafiki is an AI-based application that can make studying sales systems and processes a breeze. It has a personalized dashboard that provides a breakdown of your sales techniques that have worked in the past. This makes it a great tool for any sales rep looking to improve their techniques and up their conversion rate. 

  • Retain value

This is an important sales technique that is often overlooked, particularly in the rush of closing a sale. Offering discounts can come across as overselling. While they may sometimes result in a sale, it lowers brand and product values drastically. In some cases, it might even result in the customer backing out entirely due to a sales rep’s seeming lack of confidence in the product’s ability. 

Retain Value

One of the best sales closing techniques is to remain calm and explain what the customer would gain out of his/her purchase is invaluable. This adds value and authenticity to what you sell.

  • Challenge the status quo

Too often, customers fail to engage in sales calls, simply because they do not want to change the status quo. They fall back onto the old adage of ‘If it’s not broken, why fix it.’ This can be a huge mistake, particularly in today’s rapidly changing technology-based world.

As a sales rep, it is important to get this across to the customer. Cite examples of competitors who might be changing their ways of working. Explain how they can stay ahead by investing in your product or service. Provide circumstances that are sure to pop up in the future which can be mitigated right away by your service. Such sales closing techniques are sure to get the client thinking, which is often a great way to segue into a full-on sales pitch.

  • What’s your value wedge?

Every sales rep knows the USP of what they are selling. This is usually the point of emphasis in any sales call. However, what is more important to the customer is how your product or service is going to add value to them. For a successful deal, find the value wedge.

Your competitors are sure to offer several features similar to what you are offering. How do you differ?  How does the difference help the customer? The answer to this question is your value wedge. Use it in your pitch to truly magnify how big an asset your product is going to be to the customer.

  • Adapt for virtual calls.

Too many sales reps make the basic mistake of approaching a virtual sales call or a telephonic call the same way they would a face-to-face meeting. This is a big no-no. For instance, an excellent PPT might work well in face-to-face interaction, but it is useless if the customer is not paying attention in a telephonic call (very common). Instead include easy-to-understand metaphors and analogies to get your points across without losing customer’s interest. 

Rafiki again comes to your rescue in this. It can offer an in-depth analysis of various calls that unlocks the best sales techniques for your business. It also lists phrases and terms which have been shown to result in conversions. This can help you prepare for closing any deal.

Adapt for virtual calls

  • Utilize objections as opportunities

Most sales reps find it hard to handle negative responses from customers. It throws them off the game and can send a sales call spiralling downwards. Practice and knowledge of necessary data can help handle the situation.  

If you sense hesitation or outright rejection from the customer, it is always wise to backtrack. Ask what the problem is, and see if you can take it from there. The best sales reps always have solutions at hand. Explain cautiously and wait for a response before proceeding with the rest of the pitch. Every objection is an opening to explain why your product or service is valuable to them.

  • End every meeting with an action

What seems like a successful call can sometimes get lost in the follow-ups or before the deals are signed. This can easily be avoided by following a simple, yet highly effective sales technique. At the end of the call, rather than an assurance to schedule a follow-up, set a date and time on your calendar and request the customer to do the same as well. Another option would be to get all required data over the same call, rather than pushing it to a later date. This will ensure that your deal is one step closer to getting finalized. 

  • Use sales enablement tools

Sales enablement tools have become pivotal in handling sales teams. They have helped optimize the sales pipeline in new and innovative ways and are constantly evolving and upgrading. 

How Rafiki can help?

A tool like Rafiki transcribes every call, merges seamlessly with whatever CRM is being used by the customer, and provides a number of game-changing features. With clear-cut data that shows the indicators of good conversations, Rafiki is a great learning platform for sales executives. Comparing calls with peers, finding the exact sales system which works - everything is easily accessible without the hassle. 

For managers of sales teams, Rafiki helps monitor performance and identify the changes to be made for higher conversion rates. It also gives information that can help modify the sales pipeline as required. For sales reps, it showcases sales techniques used by the experts and provides a framework to follow to close more deals.

To know more about Rafiki and how it can boost your sales techniques, contact us today.

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