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Annual Avg Cost For 3 Users + Setup with White Glove Support
Reliable Recording with Accurate Transcription
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Transcription and Translation in 50 +languages
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Instant GPT-powered Smart Call Summaries synced to CRM



Automatically all meetings with Smart Call Scoring
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Generate Follow up email instantly with Smart Follow Up  
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Create Snippets, Playlists, Scorecards, Private Comments to Coach
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Powerful Universal Search With Saved Alerts



Customizable Deal Insights



Advanced Meeting Level Analytics
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Track all Customer Interactions across Meetings, Emails
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Robust Chat (ChatGPT)  at Deal, Meeting Level
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"A Fantastic Tool!"

Rafiki was a refreshing alternative to more expensive options. Offering features comparable to Gong. We have been using it for over 10 months and it has grown with our needs and completely revamped our QA process. We were able to process 200 plus Sales , Support, and Success reps and monitor our performance. The AI and transcription is a game changer and has helped our managers focus on coaching and feedback.

Customer - Rafiki

Sean B

Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

"Value is unparalleled!"

We were previous Gong users that didn't drive the value for the amount that we paid per seat. After changing to Rafiki, there were some nuances to learn; however the implementation of AI for summarization has been huge for the team. The service is unparalleled to any company we've ever worked with.

Rafiki Customer

Jonathan I

Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

“Great Conversation AI tool for cost”

Rafiki give reps instant feedback with call transcription and topic tracking/tagging, scorecards, etc which relieves the pressure on the management team to listen to calls individually and pinpoint themes for coaching

Rafiki Customer

Anna K

CEO at Small-Business

“The best support I ever received from any vendor”

This tool is going to disrupt the industry. The best support we've ever received from any vendor. The team works closely ensure Rafiki captures all our business needs.

Rafiki Customer

Arpith R

Revenue Manager at Mid-Market

"Amazing Conversation Intelligence Platform"

The way everyone is so helpful and prompt. When we suggest ideas/suggestions they incorporate it or find another solution.
Rafiki has been helping employees analyse and improve their calls. A feature that Rafiki has that is amazing is that in the analytics page has calls hyper-linked.

Rafiki Customer

Rebekah E

Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

“Great Coaching/Analytics Tool”

I have used other coaching/analytics programs in the past. Their seat minimums and price point were always a barrier. I've found that Rafiki is on par or even slightly better than other programs charging more than double the amount.

Rafiki Customer

John E

Director Of Sales, Small-Business

“Rafiki helps sales professionals up their game”

As a sales professional, it's important for me to make frequent changes with the right pitch, so Rafiki.ai helps me evaluate the conversation and make sure I deliver the right values to the potential customers.

Rafiki Customer


VP Of Sales, Small Business

“Rafiki is super useful and easy to use."

Using Rafiki has a lot of great features; my favorite feature is that I can listen to my team members' calls as well as my own so that I can compare tactics and strategies.
It is tough to notice things you must improve on while on the phone; looking back at my call and noting things I could improve on is an excellent way to strengthen my skills consistently.

Rafiki Customer

Jaxon M

Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

“Rafiki offers most value for the money”

The core functionality, which is call recording and transcription works every time. The reporting and analytics are very helpful. Also, Rafiki integrates seamlessly with our Hubspot CRM, which automates passing of call notes into respective lead / opp fields

Rafiki Customer

Raghav V

Partner Manager,  Small-Business

“Very responsive customer service and development team”

They grow with us and are very receptive to the updates or features we request.

Rafiki Customer

Christopher S

Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

“Affordable and on-point conversation intelligence”

We are able to identify the problem areas in our pitches and take corrective action based on Rafiki's analytics. It offers affordable and on-point conversation intelligence.

Rafiki Customer

Suraj S

COO at Small-Business

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