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Call Transcription: All Sales Teams’ Mantra For Success

Published on June 8, 2021
Aruna Neervannan

Have you ever ended a phone call and tried to replay the conversation in your head? There may be instances where you forgot to share a valuable piece of information with the client or described a solution in a more lucid manner. Here is where call transcriptions do their magic.

They convert your calls into word-form data for future reference and better analytics.  

So, how can transcription be the mantra for success for all sales teams? First, you may wonder what call transcription is all about. 

Call transcription definition 

Call transcription is the conversion of a voice or a video call audio track into words or plain text. The audio track has to be transcribed in a conversational language. It can be live or done on past recordings. 

This feature or tool is essential for most businesses. Over the years, it has gained popularity. Text has always enjoyed far more visibility than audio tracks and hence, it’s a prerequisite for sales teams. A sales team also uses Closed Captioning, real-time speech-to-text conversion services for people new to a language. 

How does call transcription work? 

Call transcription converts the conversations that occur in actual time into words, known as speech-to-text transcription. It provides a business with scannable records of all the conversations they have had with their customers. 

Let us now look at the benefits of a call transcription software for business and sales teams. 

Benefits of call transcription

1. Keeps records of all rep-to-customer conversations

A call transcription software comes in handy when you need to store a phone call with a prospect or potential client. It allows sales teams to access it when necessary. It provides them with an opportunity to pick up with the client where they left off, based on the recorded conversations. Sales teams can also learn about the audience and communicate internally to improve a buyer’s journey and customer experience via conversations. 

Tools like Rafiki enables businesses to consolidate their sales conversations in a single cloud database. They then slice and dice through the same to get actionable insights.

Rafiki Meeting

2. Search and scan specific information 

Call transcription software allows a sales team’s search for a specific piece of information from a prospect’s conversation. They can scan and search for highlighted keywords and phrases. They can cite references for a definite bit of information when following up with a customer. It helps them guide future interactions. 

Rafiki lets you search for keywords, speakers and topics in a particular meeting and instantly zip through a meeting without having to go through the entire transcript.

Rafiki Meeting Tracker

3. Integration with business tools 

Businesses can integrate the call-recording software with other systems and sales tools like customer relationship management (CRM), so that all the data is centrally located and accessible to all. 

With Rafiki, you can not only connect with the top CRM tools in the market, but also with your favorite conference call tools, calendar and messaging platforms. The best part is it takes only a few minutes to connect Rafiki with these workflow tools.

Rafiki Integration

Here is a complete list of all the integrations with Rafiki.

4. Identifying strengths and drawbacks 

This allows reps to re-listen to their calls with prospects. It improves the quality of future conversations. Also, sales teams can review which areas need improvement by tracking conversation metrics and point out what they should continue doing. 

A tool like Rafiki helps your reps to analyze their call recordings and convert them into meaningful insights. The insights generated help them to create actionable steps for their continuous improvement.  With the help of Rafiki they can even share snippets or the entire recording of their call to important stakeholders and request their feedback.

Talk to Listen Ratio

5. Used for training newly-hired members

You can share the transcriptions among reps and throughout the onboarding process. It is like handing a ready script to a new member for what to say when conversing with a client. It helps in training new reps in suitable tactics and gaining feedback from managers.

Rafiki improves the pace of the onboarding process by analyzing the performances at an individual level and helping decide what type of training is the most effective. It also helps assess pipeline health and productivity by offering activity analysis of each rep. 

Rafiki Time Spent On Call

Now, let us understand the top 5 software tools to use for call transcription. 

Top 5 software tools to use for call transcription

There are several call transcription software tools available today. Some are strictly call transcription tools while others assist in call recording and other features. They are: 

This software assists meetings with the ability to record, transcribe using off-the-shelf software and search for conversations. It is a powerful tool for a sales team seeking to include transcribed conversations in live talks or audio files. It allows them to highlight particular points in the conversation that took place earlier instead of scrambling for notes.



Another software, called Gong, is a revenue intelligence platform. With its automatic call recording and transcription features, sales teams can completely focus on prospect calls. This software allows you to search for specific comments and mark the most fundamental parts of a conversation. It analyses call transcriptions and identifies the key topics in a conversation with your prospects.



It is another revenue intelligence platform made for remote teams. It automatically records, transcribes and analyses calls. Upon disconnecting the call with your client, it directly sends the call transcription to the cloud for easy access and analysis. 



It is a conversation intelligence platform that transcribes calls across dialers and audio-video meetings. It is the most suitable software for fast-growing sales teams. Powered by artificial intelligence, Wingman transcribes a call and provides insights to sales teams into what their customers want.



Another essential call transcription software is Rafiki. You may wonder, why choose Rafiki, especially over others? Here is why:

Rafiki, a call transcription software, serves a dual purpose. It is a conversational and revenue intelligence platform. It allows you to plan and retrieve intelligible data insights from a prospect call. Powered by AI, it quickly evaluates the conversation patterns of the successful sales reps and shows the impactful topic of the call. Other benefits include: 

  • Allowing you to track which topics triggered the maximum conversations
  • Allowing sales teams to adopt a data-driven approach 
  • Tracking customer’s objections

Rafiki (Friend/Guide in Swahili) is the most affordable and full-featured software which helps sales reps to improve their performance. 



Call transcription has become a vital component of business for most sales teams. Its many benefits can help your team grow, understand future prospects and effectively assist clients, improving their customer experience. 

Rafiki with its excellent full-featured software model has been in focus. With Rafiki, SBM and other fast-growing companies, you do not need to compromise on getting valuable insights. 

Know more about Rafiki and how it can help by contacting us.

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