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8 High-Converting Cold Email Templates (2024)

Published on April 24, 2024
Sreekanth NP
Growth Marketer,

Cold email is undoubtedly the outreach channel with the highest ROI. It’s the beast every sales and marketing organization wants to tame, if possible.

And it is. But there’s a good reason why most fail at it.


Difficulty in curating the contact list, difficulty in setting up the campaigns and most importantly, difficulty in writing high-converting copies.

This guide will give you 8 high-converting cold email templates that you can use right away in your campaigns. Replace the names, benefits, challenges etc. in the templates with those of your context and you're good to go.

Let’s get started!

Cold Email #1 - Personalized Video

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, creating videos is no longer restricted by the high barrier of insane budgets. Tools like Loom, Vidyard and Hippo Video make it easy for sales professionals to record a video once, personalize and distribute to a large list of prospects.

The act of recording a video shows the effort you’ve put into making it special for the prospect, not to mention videos are much easier to consume than other formats.

Note: The templates are downloadable from here in PDF format.

Cold Email - 1

Cold Email #2 - Send Swag!

Sending SWAG never goes out of style. But what makes it or breaks it is in choosing what to send.

Cold Email - 2

Cold Email #3 - Deep Research

Deep research means deeeeeep research. These are for prospects in strategic accounts where it might take so much extra effort in trying to convert, but well worth it. Where the risk of the extra time you spend on researching is outweighed by the bling they can bring.

Cold Email - 3

Cold Email #4 - Law of Reciprocity

Give, and you will receive. Works in cold emails too.

Cold Email - 4

Cold Email #5 - Andy Raskin’s Narrative

Andy Raskin outlined a very effective sales pitch deck in a blog post that went viral. The framework is so effective that you can use it everywhere, even in cold email.

Cold Email - 5

Cold Email #6 - Name Dropping

Big logos in your customer list are true assets. Drop them like they’re hot (in the cold email!), get that credibility and boost your hustle. This is a surefire way to build trust - which is the most important and difficult thing to establish in cold outreach.

After all, if Google or Microsoft trust you to help them, would anyone else not?

Cold Email - 6

Cold Email #7 - Name Dropping “The Others”

Customers come in a Buy One, Get One Free offer. Or at least they will, if you play the aspect of competition well in your cold outreach.

Everybody understands how cutthroat competition can be. It’s literally life or death for many companies. So, when you get one customer, look for their competitors too!

Cold Email - 7

Cold Email #8 - Scarcity

We live in a seemingly infinite universe with finite resources. Except for time, space and my love for Pepperoni Pizza, everything else in the world is limited.

And so is your offer to your prospects (🤫 shh!)

Cold Email - 8

From Cold to Warm: Emails That Win

With the above templates, you can get a headstart on your cold email journey and quickly add leads to your pipeline. But remember that, while writing a great copy is important, it’s only half the battle.

The list you target, when and how you reach out to them, and what you do after you get the meeting booked - all these affect the performance of your sales efforts.


But if you’re also looking for how to send follow ups to the prospects you’ve had a call with, check out Rafiki’s Smart Follow Up. Analyzing prospect conversations, Rafiki crafts highly personalized follow ups that contain all the highlights of the call, next steps and more. Timestamped links to the key moments in call are also available, which when the prospect clicks, they’ll be taken the call recording with a live chat with you. This sets the stage for highly contextual communication.

Explore how Rafiki can save you and team hours everyday spent on follow ups and CRM updates by signing up for a free 14 day trial!

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