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A Guide To Sales Coaching Software

Published on July 8, 2021
Aruna Neervannan

Sales coaching software helps sales managers train their teams in a more efficient, sales-driven manner. The entire goal of software sales coaching tools is to enhance the rep’s performance and the return on investment. Considering that each individual has their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to sales, the software helps them reach and exceed the overall individual/team quota.

According to Hubspot, one of the major reasons why sales representatives quit or switch jobs so frequently is the lack of career development and opportunities to educate themselves. Additionally, studies on data generated in enterprises like OMG also suggest that sales managers don’t spend enough time coaching their people well enough. 

Over 70% of sales representatives emphasize the importance of effective sales coaching in their growth. However, the kind of misconceptions floating around about how sales coaching works left us speechless. But first, let’s discuss why you need sales coaching software for better revenue generation.   

Why Is Sales Coaching Software Important?

With an ideal tool, organizations can coach a larger sales team, even remotely. Moreover, it can help companies reinforce training and push sales representatives to develop better sales skills.

At Rafiki, we ensure that you make the most of your sales coaching platform by integrating your actual sales calls and their transcripts, artificial intelligence (AI) driven call analytics, topic analysis, and standardized scoring and sharing practices. With more customer call data, you can discover winning patterns and develop customized coaching activities for each rep in the team. Moreover, the software can help reps receive personalized playlists and coaching sessions to ramp them up.

Research studies and insights from CSO suggest that there is a strong correlation between quota attainment and coaching. Exceeding expectations in coaching helps at least 94.8% of the representatives to meet the quota.

While you choose among the many options for the best sales coaching software, you must consider the must-haves for an ideal tool.

Essential Features of An Ideal Sales Coaching Software

To have a greater effect on the overall coaching process, you need these five must-have features in your sales coaching tool:

1. Video-based Coaching: 

The most important aspect of sales coaching is effective communication. This is critical because people absorb and communicate information as much as possible to learn. Thus, the first must-have for these tools is video coaching technology, which works through virtual video assignments. It majorly enhances reps’ sales pitches and confidence while being on camera. Recording a video of your assignments also helps managers use it later for reference or to pinpoint the exact area where a representative needs to improve upon.

Video based Sales Coaching

2. Machine Scoring: 

Sales coaching can never be a one-size-fits-all strategy. The software that you invest in needs to have a customized way of analyzing different people. Hence, the second important aspect is how AI and machine scoring are done in the tool. Check whether the system can automatically score and analyze the key areas in a sales pitch, namely, emotions, body language, and conversational tone. Using the comprehensive data from different representatives will also help you segregate the cream of your team.

3. Text-based Coaching: 

The next important aspect of sales training is a well-versed documentation skill. Improving a representative’s written communication skills is text-based coaching (e.g., Short Messaging Service (SMS) and emails). Under text-based coaching, representatives submit text-based documents as a part of their coaching activities. It ensures that the team is prepared for writing emails, thereby maintaining consistency in any other content as demanded by the situation.

4. Screen Recording: 

Once the representatives are learning through various customer call videos, audios, and textual assignments, they improve along the way. However, the mistakes made once shouldn’t be repeated. As a result, the tool should ensure that the coaching sessions are available for watching at a later time as well. Thus, the next important aspect that must be there in your coaching tool is the screen recorder. Through this, sales managers can pinpoint the part of the session that needs to be highlighted or ask the reps to work on a specific section of their pitch.

5. Seamless Integration with Existing Sales Tools:

Another important must-have for your software is its ability to integrate with your present sales tools effortlessly. Often, your coaching resources and content require data from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to work better. Therefore, an ideal strategy for your sales team’s success requires integration with your CRM to train your reps better.

Top 7 Sales Coaching Software

Now that you’ve seen the must-haves for your software, let us go through the top 7 sales coaching software – 

  • Rafiki

Considered to be one of the top-rated sales coaching software in 2021, Rafiki is your key to smart sales coaching. It offers solutions enabling digital transformation for companies and aid in the optimization of their sales processes. Along with improving employer efficiency, Rafiki also aims to lower training costs by making instructions and coaching smarter. 

  • SalesLoft

SalesLoft is a considerably important software used in adapting sales strategy and creating better revenues for the team. It replicates success by enforcing automatic sales plays, offering a tool for sales coaching, and providing a dashboard to have sales insights.

  • Gong

The next software on our list is Gong. It analyzes customer interactions across multiple channels and can aid in sales coaching by delivering valuable insights to your sales team.

  • is another conversational intelligence platform that helps in winning more business revenue and enhancing sales skills for your team. It includes video conferences and accurately transcribed data in real-time.

  • Mindtickle

Another software that leverages comprehensive data from the sales team is MindTickle. It helps you develop and improve your sales team’s performance. Moreover, it promises to enhance your business deals rapidly.

  • Outreach

This software delivers detailed insights to build a core sales team. It automatically prioritizes the customer touchpoints and assists sales reps to get into the shoes of a customer to sell better. Moreover, with its sales dashboard, you can efficiently organize meetings and meet your quota expectations effortlessly.

  • Brainshark

This software is usually picked by large enterprises. Companies use it for on-demand training and personalized knowledge sharing among sales representatives to enhance overall revenue.

Overall, sales coaching software can do wonders for your business if used the right way. As experts in conversational intelligence, we at Rafiki build the best coaching solutions for your sales teams. Our dedicated team ensures that each of your challenges is solved in the most innovative yet streamlined way. Get in touch with Rafiki experts to know more.

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