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Meet Rafiki, The Savior of Your Sales Team From Admin Tasks

Published on March 19, 2024
Sreekanth NP
Growth Marketer, Rafiki.ai

Your Sales team is drowning in data entry, call logs, and endless follow-ups. A McKinsey study revealed a shocking truth: on average, salespeople spend a mere 16% of their day actually selling. On the other hand, the best performing sales organizations spend 40-50% of their time with prospects. [1]  Their secret? Automate admin tasks as much as possible.

Clearly, the higher that percentage of time spent with prospects, the more your team is going to sell.

Rafiki is here to do just that for you. This powerful AI tool automates the tedious admin tasks that steal precious selling hours. By taking care of such tasks, Rafiki empowers your reps to do what they do best: connect with prospects and close deals.

Let's explore how Rafiki unlocks the hidden potential within your sales force.

Rafiki’s Capabilities

Smart Call Summary

With the help of recording and human-grade transcription capabilities, Rafiki can generate summaries of every call with prospects & customers. This summary would include outcomes of the call, action items, objections of prospect and key questions asked by prospect. With this summary, your reps are able to:

  • Save time & resources, having all relevant info about the conversation neatly in one place
  • Focus on the prospect as reps don’t have to worry about taking notes during the call
  • Be on the same page, as the summary is easily shared via Email, Slack or CRM
Rafiki's Smart Call Summary

Smart CRM Sync

Rafiki is able to extract critical information from the conversation and use that to autofill fields in your CRM. With the sync:

  • Keep up CRM hygiene - accurate, up to date and complete data for all prospects. Straight from the horse’s mouth.
  • Reps are saved from the drudgery of having to update datapoints one by one, saving their time and avoiding frustration
  • Streamline lead qualification regardless of which methodology you use. BANT, MEDDIC, SPICED, Gap Selling.. Rafiki’s CRM Sync always fills the right fields with the right info.
  • Make the most out of your CRM as Rafiki organizes all prospect information like their needs, pain points, objections etc.
Rafiki's Smart CRM Sync

Smart Follow Up

As Rafiki is able to analyze and understand each prospect conversation, it can also automatically craft highly personalized follow ups to the prospects right after the call, waiting to be sent. This enables your reps to:

  • Never miss out on reconnecting with prospects
  • Keep the prospect engagement high with the personalization
  • Quickly catch up on the last status of a prospect simply by referring to the last follow up email by Rafiki

Ask Rafiki Anything

All platform with an analytics feature have come to rely on data visualizations a bit too much. If a software is creating a data visualization for User to analyze, it’s like the software is saying “Hey, here’s the best way in which I think the data should be sliced.” Which often turns out to be suboptimal, because different Users have different requirements.

This is why chat interfaces are superior. Here, the User decides how the data should be sliced and analyzed. With Rafiki, it’s the same. Sales leaders simply have to ask and they shall be answered with verifiable data.

  • Saves countless hours of digging into data visualizations and just go straight to the answer
  • Get the answer in an easily comprehensible and shareable way, with sources
  • Be extremely specific in your queries and the answers you receive
  • Connect the dots across rep performance, deals and accounts before it’s too late

Smart Call Scoring

With the transcription of each customer conversation, Rafiki is able to score your reps' performance for each call across a variety of preset and custom criteria. With Smart Call Scoring, you can:

  • Get objective evaluations (avoiding human biases) on your reps' performance for each call or overall.
  • Save time by getting insights into how the performance can be improved, rather than the sales leader having to listen to each call recording to find them
  • Streamline feedback and make progress consistent and comfortable to all
  • Share learnings from what the best reps are doing right to your team. Share what's to be avoided and prevent deals from dropping.

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Take Rafiki For a Spin

Unlike most alternatives, Rafiki offers a free 2 week trial. We want you to experience Rafiki and confirm firsthand the value you are getting before you move forward.


To cement this, we also offer white glove support every step of the way to set up the platform and customize the AI features for your business context.

Explore Rafiki and learn how to automate admin tasks today!

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