Guide to Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching: Smart Guide to Boost Your Team Performance

Published on August 21, 2021
Aruna Neervannan

Ever wished for your sales performance to increase perennially?

Ever wondered what it takes to boost your team performance? 

The answer you are looking for is sales coaching. 

Studies show that sales coaching and mentoring play an essential role in improving the performance of frontline managers, according to 74% of leading companies. 

With times changing and constant upskilling in every organization, investing in sales team coaching is the wisest decision. The reason - they drive productivity within the organization, maximize sales performance, empower reps, and help you meet the required goals. Studies prove this. Companies that invested in dynamic sales coaching programs achieved 28% higher win rates and 7% greater annual revenue growth. 

Here is a guide on sales coaching with tips and tricks to boost sales performance, along with a  BONUS list of actionable tips and free tools. So, let’s get started. 

What Is Sales Coaching? 

It is a series of teaching methods an organization uses to improve the performance of sales reps and achieve their goals. It is inclusive and hands-on, where the manager works closely with their sales reps. 

However, sales training and sales coaching fall under different buckets. While the former focuses on everyone, the latter focuses on individual reps. Sales training uses structured methods, while in sales coaching, leaders need to recognize their sales reps’ weaknesses to help them develop new strengths. CSO insights reveal what sales managers spend their time doing. 

Sales Managers Spend Time For Training

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Some standard sales coaching techniques & tips 

Different organizations use different sales coaching techniques according to their goals and needs. Companies with dynamic sales coaching programs have 28% higher win rates. Let us look at the popular sales coaching techniques. 

  • Reviewing calls or videos:
    Sales reps can analyze the call recordings or videos to get a better sense of what they could do well. They can identify their weaknesses and make improvements. 
  • Offering inside training and tips:
    Organizations provide inside sales coaching tips to their reps. It also includes reviewing selling techniques and tools which can benefit the organization. 
  • Scheduling check-ins:
    Another technique includes scheduling check-ins. You can do these check-ins weekly to discuss objectives and areas of the sales processes with the reps. It also builds their confidence. 
  • Shadowing calls:
    Organizations indulge in shadowing calls where the sales teams shadow; or listen to the potential client calls or meetings. 
  • Reviewing emails:
    Another coaching technique involves reviewing email conversations with prospects through different stages in the buyer’s journey. 

These are a few sales coaching techniques that organizations use to coach their salespeople into sales champions. 

Here’s a bonus for you. Listed below are seven actionable sales coaching tips that your sales reps need. They are: 

  1. Use client interaction data to figure out where sales reps need help 
  2. Use visual data to highlight performance 
  3. Review call recordings 
  4. Have hard conversations 
  5. Play an active role in the coaching session
  6. Learn the motivational factors for your team 
  7. Have a definite plan of action

Keep these encompassing tips in mind. Seek and experiment with new coaching practices, give more positive than negative feedback, share your vision, use incentives effectively, give personal rewards, and leverage your entire sales team. 

Why has sales coaching become an essential element for every organization? Is it because of its various benefits? Let us find out.

How Does Sales Coaching Software Help Your Sales Team?

Sales Training Outcome

Improve Employee Retention Rates

Sales coaching helps every organization increase its employee retention rates. Increased rep turnover rates have been an underlying problem in the sales industry. Today, growth opportunities attract more reps than a fancy show of salary and appraisals. Harvard Studies reveal 80% of the workforce saw an increase in their productivity after coaching.

Share Best Practices

Ever notice a sales rep attracting success and using a strategy that is getting the desired performance? Use this strategy to teach the rest of the team this strategy and improve your sales performance coaching. 65% of those who undergo coaching are highly engaged. 

Maximize Sales Coaching Investment

Sales managers can achieve dynamic sales training through consistent and long-term enforcement. It maximizes your sales coaching investment—organizations with strong coaching report 34% higher revenues

Top 3 Sales Coaching Tools 


A leading conversational intelligence tool, Rafiki has taken massive steps in sales coaching in recent years. Rafiki uses AI transcription, which helps you instantly analyze the rep calls and track customer objections. It enables you to understand how customers engage with sales reps in conversations. With instant conversion and organizational intelligence, it allows you to get the best out of your team. In short, it helps you build a predictable winning organization. 


It is another conversation intelligence tool that provides a unique outlook into rep interactions with potential customers. It is an apt tool for sales managers to implement their sales strategies effectively. You can also use Gong to assist the sales reps when they require your directions. Its conversation intelligence abilities allow you to review conversations your sales reps have with potential prospects at meetings.

With this app, you can build, implement and measure the success of your sales coaching tactics and alter them to hit higher goals. This software’s artificial intelligence features allow you to pull your essential information from real-time rep conversations on calls, videos, or meetings. 


Sales coaching is the most effective way to boost your team's performance. It is also a fundamental element of sales management. Rafiki is your one-stop solution for coaching your sales team. It integrates with your calendar, transcribes and analyses the calls, and provides 360-degree insight into the call. 

Never miss customer interactions and grow your sales team with Rafiki. Contact us and request a demo

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